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The Town of Weingarten

Weingarten is a town of approximately 26,000 inhabitants and is located between the Alps, Lake Constance, and the hills of the Swabian Alps. Numerous tourist attractions and a variety of leisure activities and cultural attractions make the town both livable and lovable.

There are good reasons for studying in Weingarten. Join us for a little stroll through the town.

Weingarten AbbeyThe townscape is dominated by Weingarten Abbey, the most famous of all the monasteries in the Upper Swabian region. Located at the heart of the Abbey is Germany’s largest Baroque basilica. On the Martinsberg (Martin’s Hill), where once the monks of this Benedictine abbey put pen to paper recording what they knew in a perfect calligraphic script, tomorrow’s teachers now study at the University of Education Weingarten.

city of Weingarten - pedestrian zoneThe distance from the basilica to the town below is a short one. The pedestrian zone around the historic town hall and the guildhall across from it invites visitors to window-shop or relax in one of the cozy street cafes or small pubs.

cultural center "LINSE"Whether at Weingarten’s community cinema Linse, which has become a cultural center, or at the Piccolo Kabaret located at the Culture and Conference Center, student influences are unmistakable – a valuable addition to the town’s cultural scene.

Swabian-Alemannic carnival festivitiesWeingarten’s traditional festivals are firmly rooted in the history of the Upper Swabian region. The impressive procession on horseback on “Blood Friday” and the Swabian-Alemannic carnival festivities of Fasnet help keep traditions alive that are centuries old. The local school and homecoming festivals, the village fair and numerous student festivities are just as lively.

swimming poolsA rolling stone gathers no moss. In addition to the university, the town and its clubs – which boast attractive swimming pools, large stadiums and other sports facilities – offer many excellent recreational opportunities.

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