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Introduction and Location

The majority of students at the University of Education follow the basic undergraduate courses in Education. These courses are divided into degree courses for primary/junior and secondary/highschool (Grund-, Haupt- and Realschule) education.

The University offers a wide variety of subjects for teacher training which can be studied within the following disciplines: Humanities / Science / Fine Arts / Physical Education.
Details of specific subjects and courses of study within the various departments (e.g. German or modern languages within Humanities) can either be obtained directly from the University Calendar or upon request.


In addition to teacher training the Weingarten University of Education offers several innovative educational Bachelor and Master courses.


Research in the core areas of teacher training, education studies, subject didactics, early childhood education, vocational education, quality development and evaluation, school development and media didactics play an important role at the Weingarten Campus.

The picturesque town of Weingarten which together with the larger town of Ravensburg forms part of a thriving conurbation, is situated in Upper Swabia in the deep South of Germany near Lake Constance and the Alps.

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