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The research profile of the University of Education Weingarten is defined by issues of educational research, particularly with respect to sustainable teaching and learning in schools and other educational institutions. In this context, the University of Education Weingarten considers itself to be a university engaged in scientific educational research. To support the research activities, the Vice-Chancellor for Research as well as the Research Service Centre oversee researchers throughout the research process.

Support Services

The Research Service Centre provides researchers at the University of Education with a wide range of services which includes the following:

Information on support programmes and scholarships
Information on funding opportunities for jobs and material resources
Information about current calls for bids and prices
Information on how to apply

Counselling / assessment
Advice on external funding
Formal pre-assessment of applications
Advice on research design and methods

Documentation of the research performance of the faculty members in the research report
Creation and maintenance of a research database for research projects

Lending out and maintaining research software

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Vice-Chancellor for Research

Prof. Dr. Karin Schweizer

Tel.: 0751/501-8143 

Research Service Centre

Research Consultant

Susanne Weber

Tel.: 0751/501-8057