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Innovation and Transfer

The University of Education Weingarten is particularly focussed on conveying the knowledge and skills generated here to potential users. The offer of the University of Education is thus addressed to all partners in society who want to share in the competencies of the University of Education Weingarten and wish to request its services.

The University of Education Weingarten's areas of expertise have a high practical relevance in educational sciences (educational science, educational psychology and subject methodology). The range of skills, however, extends far beyond teacher training at mainstream schools. Under the overall concept of lifelong learning, attention is paid to the education sector over people's entire life span, from early childhood education through to old age. Furthermore, in particular, the content of the areas of e-learning, media management, communication and education management as well as the professionalisation of educational institutions was developed.

This expertise means the University of Education is of interest to different groups of users; to industry, where more mediation skills are required in the design and supervision of in-house advanced training and in-work training schemes; to local authorities in the evaluation and development of a networked education landscape; to regional organisations in the sustainable training of educators for early childhood education. Knowledge transfer involves in-work training as well as skills development and achieving higher qualifications in educational sciences that progress along with the professional's CV, and this equally applies to former university graduates. Further forms of knowledge transfer might be services of very different kinds (e.g.: development, research, evaluation, advisory services). Collaboration between different kinds of tertiary education institutions might also be considered, for instance when it comes to teaching methodology or knowledge of technology.

At the University of Education Weingarten, the heads of the research and development centres are at your disposal as a direct point of contact for any requests you may have. For general matters of knowledge transfer, please contact the Vice-Chancellor of Research or, if applicable, another member of the Chancellor's office.
In matters of knowledge and technology transfer, the University of Education Weingarten cooperates with its partners in the cooperation network of the International Lake Constance University (IBH). The contact at the national level is the IBH office in Kreuzlingen (Switzerland).

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